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PRODUCT FOCUS: Honeywell Vocollect

by ASC Staff on Oct 12, 2016

Chris Heslop, head of marketing, EMEA, for Honeywell Workflow Solutions
Chris Heslop, head of marketing, EMEA, for Honeywell Workflow Solutions

Logistics Middle East speaks to Chris Heslop, head of marketing, EMEA, for Honeywell Workflow Solutions about the Vocollect warehouse picking solution.

Could you explain how Vocollect works and how it helps businesses?

Honeywell Vocollect solutions provide a voice recognition technology platform optimised for challenging industrial environments that offer an integrated total solution design, including a headset to host data system integration. Our technology is mostly deployed within the four walls of the warehouse for all operational processes, including put-away, replenishment, order picking and packing. The solutions are available in over 35 languages, including Arabic.

From a central management console, the warehouse manager can see which workers are ahead of schedule and, if necessary move them to other areas of the warehouse to boost operations, if required. Honeywell Vocollect technology can be paired with the Honeywell Operational Acuity Solution to provide intelligent data analysis from the warehouse – enabling managers to continually refine and improve operations.

Warehouse operators realize greater productivity gains as workers aren’t required to stop and read paper or screens. Because of the intuitive nature of the voice technology workers can begin to work autonomously within hours – a bonus to employers during peak seasonal periods where extra temporary workers are often required.

What real impact does this have on warehouse operations?

The benefits to businesses can usually be seen within a very short timeframe. Warehouse customers can expect to see up to a 35% increase in worker productivity, a reduction of 25% in typical training times and up to 99.99% picking accuracy rates – all allowing companies to deliver higher service levels to their own customers. Many users have been able to totally eliminate their auditing process, such is the level of accuracy, leading to even greater ROI, which most companies typically see in under 12 months.

Who are some of your biggest clients for this technology?

Honeywell Vocollect solutions are used by almost one million workers around the world and a range of global customers including Sony, eBay Enterprise and Fox Racing.

In which sectors of the logistics industry are you seeing the most interest/demand?

Generally there is a high demand across the globe for Honeywell Vocollect voice solutions with nearly one million voice users across 60 countries, saving our customers in excess of $20 billion every year. We are witnessing growth across every sector within the logistics industry and the demand continues to grow each day.

An example of where we are seeing a huge demand is with global grocers. In fact, 84% of the top 25 worldwide food retailers use Honeywell Vocollect Voice within their warehouses to efficiently send perishables and non-perishables to their retail stores.

Vocollect’s solutions provide an opportunity to speed up process flows that may be handled by scanning technology or paper up to this point. There are obvious challenges that come with the nature of a ‘chill-chain’, this is due to working with sell by dates and weight data. This information needs to be collected for regulatory reasons, and by using voice solutions this information can be handled quickly and efficiently. At the same time the product can be manually handled and stacked to optimal fill levels.


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