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Top Express Logistics Company in the Middle East?

by Robeel Haq on Oct 16, 2009 is compiling a list of the top 10 express logistics companies in the Middle East region and we welcome your input and suggestions. Which companies do you believe deserve a mention in our top 10 list? Could it be DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx? What do you think about the local players, such as Aramex and Empost? Please provide your views here.


I recently did a midnight runner from midex. That is the only way to leave them otherwise they screw you by not paying w


Readers' Comments

Ex Midex Captain (Feb 8, 2012)
United Arab Emirates

Midex Airlines
I recently did a midnight runner from midex. That is the only way to leave them otherwise they screw you by not paying what they owe you. The mentality there is to treat your staff like very badly and they will respect you for it. That is an original quote from the very short owner ! What a horrible little man he is. He regularly threatened crews at meetings that if they want to leave they can do as he gets 100 applications a day (from cessna 150 pilots). He also threatens to take crew to court and have them arrested the next time they come to the UAE if they leave. They are also the biggest crowd of backstabbers in aviation. The good managers have all left. The last one being the B747 Chief Pilot. They now have no TREs and will have to get freelance UK TREs to check their pilots. Let us see how many pass their simulator checks now ! So if anyone out there is considering joining this awful company - don't ! You would only regret it

Abdul Aleem A. Ahad (Jan 29, 2011)
Al Khobar
Saudi Arabia

Top express logistics
Ups has the systems and quility services with economic value added, and sdding value to shipments - UPS is best.

Logfreak (Aug 12, 2010)
Top express companies in the Middle East
Top companies are - DHL, Aramex, TNT (good road network). UPS and FedEx are not that great.

Bong (Aug 12, 2010)
United Arab Emirates

No. 1 Express Company
TNT of course is the no. 1 express company in U.A.E. no doubt about that...

Molly Sebastian (Jul 7, 2010)
United Arab Emirates

Top Express Logistics Co. in the ME
Most definitely DHL and Fedex

Mohammed Haider (Jun 26, 2010)
Saudi Arabia

Top 10 Express Logistics The Middle East
No dought The Aramex is also one of in 10 group of Exp and Logistics co. in Middle East. About Empost need more strugggle.

saroj Khan (May 27, 2010)

FedEx - Best Express Logistic
Dear All, I feel that the FedEx is the best ever Express company as i ever found, their handling of shipment. Fulfillment of delivery commitemnet is amzing. No one can beet the FedEx in recent time, As the player might be strong in the some of the geographical areas of the world, but keeping a stong & good record all over the world only FedEx can do this. Be it India, US, Europ, Middle East... name any part of the world. FedEx is Best....

shahinda khalifa (May 13, 2010)
United Arab Emirates

No. 1 Express Company
I believe UPS is the largest express carrier and package delivery company in the world, UPS is also a leading provider of specialised transportation, logistics, capital, and e-commerce services. Every day UPS manage the flow of goods, funds and information in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

Wazif Zia (Dec 15, 2009)
Top company
I would say FedEx Express!! They go to lengths to fulfill their customers requirements.

Alok Kumar (Dec 14, 2009)
United Arab Emirates

Top 10
Top 10 definitely comprises of Fedex, TNT, DHL, Aramex to name a few. But i did like to mention that i have been using Continental Courier Services for a while for all my couriers and express shipments and i am really happy with the services they provide me....

Marian Henry (Dec 14, 2009)
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates

Top 10
DHL is the leading courier/Logistics and their quality is un ucomparable to any one in the region

amjad nasser (Dec 3, 2009)

Top Express Logistics Company in the Middle East
I think DHL,FDX, UPS,TNT & ARAMEX are big players in this industry in the Middle East Locatons.

Prasanth Vidyadharan (Nov 2, 2009)
United Arab Emirates

Top 10
Empost should be at a sequence of 6th or 7th when we think abt TOP 10 Players in courier indrustry.

ahmed Abdul Latif (Nov 2, 2009)
United Arab Emirates

Top Express
The truth they are using each other.each courier they have a strength and a domestic in UAE the biggest are Empost for the arab countries Aramex for Europe DHL ,TNT for Asia , And Fedex for America.

Hubert D\'Souza (Oct 30, 2009)
United Arab Emirates

Top Express Logistics Companies in the Middle East
It has to be DHL! When it comes to quality & consistency of service provided to customers no one else is closer!

Bryan (Oct 27, 2009) Bahrain

top company
If I had to choose between the giants (DHL, Aramex and FedEx), I would go with Aramex and then FedEx comes after. Published growth figures and success stories are the best indicators for this.

Muayyad Etoom (Oct 27, 2009)
United Arab Emirates

top 10
No doubt in my mind that Aramex should be right up there on the top 10. The company provides excellent services, creative in its offerings, good value, and has witnessed tremendous growth. It is also a brand borne from the Middle East that has gone global. My respect goes to its leadership.

Joseph (Oct 26, 2009)

Top express company
Aramex is the best company in the Middle East and nobody is able to compete them. I tried all the rest and didn't get the same support that I got from these guys, they simply care.

Rajesh (Oct 25, 2009)
United Arab Emirates

Top Express company
For looking after employees and treating them well... noone can compare with TNT Express...

Allwyn (Oct 22, 2009)

Top Express Company
DHL number one and then the others doesnt matter

Michael Ottman (Oct 22, 2009)
top 10...
I think DHL probably has a lead in this sector, followed by either TNT/FedEx, with UPS fourth. Empost, not so great in my opinion...


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