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Logistics Trends for 2010?

by Robeel Haq on Nov 30, 2009

As we approach the end of 2009, what trends do you forecast for the Middle East logistics industry in 2010? Will we experience a greater level of mergers and acquisitions? Will demand start to increase after the recent downturn? Will railway transportation finally make a mark? How will the recruitment situation progress? Please feel free to discuss these points or any other forecasts here...


We really hope the trends will rise and jobs will pick up for the industry. We hear good news coming from some of the la


Readers' Comments

Owner Operator (Jul 22, 2010)

Upward trends
We really hope the trends will rise and jobs will pick up for the industry. We hear good news coming from some of the larger companies but it is the small comapnies that need help. Lowering gas prices really would make the big difference!

Philbert Suresh, Academic Professional (Dec 5, 2009)

Global Demand for Logistics Services in 2010
It is a privilege now that I share my views with others on Global Demand and Trends for Integrated logistics Services that I would define as TWIMP for Dubai, UAE, and other GCC /ME countries. As an academic profesdsdionasl actoivoty this was the puzzle that could have been unraveled by the stakeholders in the FIRST Kuwait Logistics Conference that was rescheduled for the Spring of 2010. "As companies become more global in their sourcing and selling, their need to control operations that may be halfway around the world is growing. How can they find reliable overseas management that meets their standards? For more and more companies, third-party logistics is the answer. By working with qualified logistics providers, manufacturers can ensure consistent logistics operations and information management on a national, regional, and even global basis. This trend is strengthening, not only in traditional logistics hubs like Western Europe, but also in areas like Latin America and Southeast Asia, where logistics management is still new." UPS Worldwide Logistics is expanding rapidly, but its growth is fueled entirely by customer demand, says Scott Rasco, managing director, Asia. "We are not building facilities to support UPS; we are developing custom solutions for multinational customers. For example, we have recently opened operations in five new countries [in Asia] specifically for a multinational customer." Similarly, in Europe, the company now operates half a million square feet of warehouse space, all of which is dedicated to meeting the specific requirements of multinational customers, adds William Caplan, managing director, Europe. "It's not one of our goals to build a pan-European network--our customers don't require that," he says. Due to the muddling in Middle East, the trends and market signals will be confused but it requires an authentic leadership to steady the ship now. Most of the leading logistics providers have realized their roles in time of market in-equilibrium and this awareness will revers the downward trend in the dynamic markets of GCC region. Please add the strategy of logistics integration under TWI*MP (pleas see SmallBiz Xpress - Toronto Reference Library - Canada - TWIMP Revealed GCC stakeholder will do well to follow the market signals for inter-modal transportation and logistics systems already initiated by Dubai as the leader of the trading hub in the region. You are welcome to contact me at I-FUN Intelligent Friends in the University Network TLC Project in Toronto and Chennai

Amjad Nasser (Dec 3, 2009)

Logistics Trends 2010
Good day, I do believe that trends for 2010 will be higher with at least 10% in logistics industry and I think that a lot of mergers and acquisitions will be on ground during 2010 as a result of the world financial crisis and it's affect on the logistics industry will be tremendous especially within U.A.E especially after the recent re-schedueling of DUBAI debits that took place last week. When it comes to Railway transport it shall make a mark, if we look to railway supportive network in all of Australia, Europe, and US which support the Sea ports, we will see how much it make a mark. similar to that in Middle East with the dreaming project of railway network between Middle east Locations/countries, I do believe the railway will make a difference in the logistics industry in the coming dedicate. Regards, AMJAD NASSER Logistics Manager Gulf Agency Company (Jordan) W.L.L Tel : +962 6 569-0891 / 2 Ext: 8201 Fax: +962 6 569-0893 Mob +962 74 5525009 E-mail:


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