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Top 10 Airlines In The Middle East?

by Robeel Haq on May 2, 2010 is compiling a list of the top 10 airlines in the Middle East region and we welcome your input and suggestions. Which companies do you believe deserve a mention in our top 10 list? Could it be Emirates, Etihad, Qatar Airways, Royal Jordanian, Air Arabia, Jazeera, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Oman Air, or another? Please provide your views here.

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Trust me guys, when you have an 'Emergency', you dont have time to think which airline to opt for. U will just book the


Readers' Comments

Pravs (Feb 25, 2013)

Believe in what ''YOU'' experience and not what others say!!
Trust me guys, when you have an 'Emergency', you dont have time to think which airline to opt for. U will just book the first flight available. Remember well, i said in case of ''Emergency''. Your flight may not then be so comfortable but u will definitely say ''Thank you (Emirates, Qatar, Oman air, MEA...Whichever) airline for bringing me to my destination when i really needed to be there'' and then u will say to the (whichever) airline ''YOU ARE THE BEST''

alya hassan (Aug 11, 2012)

top 7 airlines in midddle east
7 royal jordannian 6 syrian arab 5 saudi arabian 4 kuwait airways 3 emirates 2 gulf air 1 qatar airways

ishan jain (Aug 11, 2012)

best airline in gulf
gulf air is the best because the services and the food

Hassan Shamsi (Aug 8, 2012)

Saudi Arabian
one and only Saudi Arabian Airline is the best airline in all respects among these airline. I traveled many airlines but no one batter than saudia.

Malek (Jun 20, 2012)
United Kingdom

arab airlines
i have used almost all the airlines in the middle east and i have to say mea is the best one with its very comfy economy class and its b.class

Luke Slade (Jun 14, 2012)
Saudi Arabia

The best!!!
OK there's only one easy answer to this......... its got be ETIHAD best airline awarded by sky trax 2012, no other airline will be able to beat their high standerd and such briliant customer service as theres.......... QATAR AIRWAYS are the closest i can think off, emirates on the other hand are just a pure rip off, a real waste of money for such so called "good airline" (my second favourite has got to be Saudia,they are an airline with bright ideas and vast improvement!!!!

abdul sameer (Apr 14, 2012)

oman air
frndss!all those above comments do not include oman air,bcoz no one of them ravelled in it!during my last visit to muscat,..i did choose oman air,.it was superb!and let me tel u all,that oman air is the latest flight in gulf at present!

Farhad Darya (Feb 26, 2012)
United Kingdom

Safi Airways/Ariana Afghan Airlines
Best airlines, but media portray them as a bad airline, very good, almost Emirates-like, work for them

suad alhalwachi (Feb 15, 2012)
United Arab Emirates

best airline
i think it emirates

Alfred (Feb 6, 2012)
United Arab Emirates

Obviously Air Arabia

AbdulMoez Tahmaz (Feb 5, 2012)
Saudi Arabia

Saudi Airlines
Saudia is the best Airlines Carrier in Middle East

vankatrman (Jan 11, 2012)

Top 5
To me i can say this i traveled to many countries and i can say emirates was the worst airlines to fly in i would choose Royal Jordanian they have perfect pilots nice food and comfy seats and helpful crew

kaksjs (Dec 10, 2011) Bangladesh

obviously suadi arabian airlines and emirates!!!

Powpunch (Nov 28, 2011)

Best Airline in the region? Here's what I know and you be the judge
I think that it would be fair to rate an airline based on personal experience... Especially when I find that some people actually share my views. Firstly MEA do have amazing pilots.. Other airlines that I have experienced in the region are Gulf Air, Emirates Airlines, Ettihad and Qatar Airway.. I absolutely hate their landings.. It really sucks to end a flight in a stress... My experience with Qatar Airways sucks.. They boast about giving a 5-star service. Maybe only to first class... The are way over-priced... Some cabin crew are really sweet.. Especially the men and the Asian women.. The rest, especially the Arabic speaking ones are just so arrogant and rude and carry an aura of negativity around them.. I think Emirates Airlines have the best value for money.. I love their inflight entertainment system.. Good prices, very friendly and humble cabin crew, comfortable seats (oh yeah, Qatar airways seats give me back aches).. I'd rather use EA to fly into Doha than pay QA a penny for a direct flight. Besides, Dubai airport is awesome.. Doha Airport is just lame. Etihad I don't remember much about except that I bought a really cheap ticket af the time... But fir flights outside the middle east, their stop over time is too long... So I would never chose them for long hour flights.. Gulf Air was so cool back in the day. They still offer better prices and value fir money.. I just preffer stopping over in Dubai Airport than Bahrain.. However it's good if you plan on sleeping on the plane or reading.. That's the closest you will get to entertainment. I forgot to mention the luggage allowance.. Emirates and Gulf allow 30 kg and sometimes allow for some leeway. It makes a huge difference for me because I'm a student and tend to carry with me lots of books, and can't afford to pay for excess baggage. Qatar Airways only 25 kilos and they'll do anything in their power to suck money out of you..

Abdulmoez Tahmaz (Oct 30, 2011)
Saudi Airlines
Saudi Airlines is the best

haifa (Oct 29, 2011)
United Arab Emirates

Try flying with Bahrain air...worth it..

Dan Healy (Oct 5, 2011)
Top 10 Airlines in the Middle East
I agree that the best airline should be about the best value for money. We (Real Opinions)have just released the results from a UAE perspective for regional flights and FlyDubai was top:

mohamed (Oct 2, 2011) Bahrain

Top Ten
I think we should define what do we mean by the best airline? airline may the best for its service but when it comes to price, we find it higher than others! or maybe low quality & low price.. so i beleive that the best value for money is the key factor to consider to rate airlines. overall, i think the best airline when it comes to value for money is Etihad,Qatar,Saudi Airlines,Gulf air,Emarits,flydubai...

MOHAMMED FAISAL (Sep 12, 2011)

it seems that may people forgot BAHRAIN AIR, it is the best low cosi airline for on time oreformance, free meal, on time departure and arrival,and nice crew with a good cabin apperance

hassan abbas (Jul 31, 2011)
United Arab Emirates

best airline
for me etihad is the best airline. for their service and especially ticket fare. i would love to travel always with etihad whenever is possible .

AK (Jul 17, 2011)
Ask 19 million passengers
The industry's "oscars" (Skytrax survey) which are the result of a 10-month survey of 19 million passengers across 200 countries were announced last month. Qatar Airways was #1 globally (followed by Singapore, Cathay, etc). I think that is a better sample size than the 50-100 people on this thread.

RAMZI (Jul 17, 2011)
United Arab Emirates

I can tell you this much, the best PILOTS in the Middle East are MIDDLE EAST AIRLINES, but the WORST Stewardesses are MEA. My choice would definitely have to be EMIRATES!! Go Emirates GO!!

(Jun 10, 2011)
Best Airline
EMIRATES would have to rate as the best as they have set the bench mark for this region. SV / GF / KU etc missed the boat a long time back and are now playing catch up to EK / EY and QR. However, those familiar with the airline business in this region know that EK set the standard and rest are now only following their lead.

luke (May 26, 2011)
United Kingdom

saudi air
I think that saudi arabian is the best airline in the middle east as there seating has defo improved and they are always ontime. I do like emrites but i feel that they are too much for bling but the cain crew and customer surface is right up there followed by qatar and etihad. Gulf air have nice livery on there planes but they are not very good

Alistair Mcgrath (Apr 12, 2011) United Arab Emirates

Honest Rating
Emirates sets the benchmark.... Qatar Airways just follows and copies whatever Emirates wants to do.Qatar Airways crew is the best in terms of service and attitude (reason being they employ more of Asians who are more hospitable and value their jobs seriously). Simultaneously their crew is the most unhappiest of all the airlines and their employee turnover is always the highest. Qatar's on-board human element is only good in the skies. Their overall product is not so good.Doha Airport is a disaster and it always seems that you land in Doha and taxi all the way to Bahrain !!! If you talk about crew attitude, flydubai has the best at the moment.Very cheerful who always maintain safety above all priorities.Emirates has the best in-flight product, frequencies, airport terminal, lounges etc. Etihad still has a long way to go. New aircrafts and destinations alone will not propel them to number 1. The Food on First class is served in plastic pouches...yes... AUH-FRA first class meals served in plastic pouches !!! Wheres the value for money part ?? Saudi Airlines, hahahahah.... its a joke. Gulf Air is improving and have the best network for the Middle East destinations ! Oman Air is also on an upward trend. Air Arabia is a fantastic Low cost Airline, but does not surpass flydubai in terms of Cabin Crew attitude and safety standards.Kuwait Airlines and Jazeera Airways have problems of their own .... No wonder Wataniya got in a mess. Nas Air is alright being based in Saudi Arabia and is good as far as domestic sectors are concerned.My Rating - 1-Emirates.2- flydubai.3- Etihad.4-Qatar Airways.5- Air Arabia.6-Gulf Air.7-Oman Air.8-Kuwait Airways.9-Jazeera Airways.10- Saudi Arabian Airlines My rating -

hassan al-majali (Apr 5, 2011)

royal jordanian
my opinion royal jordanian deserve to be top 5 arab airliner

Khalid Hussaini (Mar 31, 2011)

Best Airlines in ME
I think in all respect QATAR is the best airlines not only in middle east but in some respect in the world. Their crew is very polite and services are excellent.

Ali Hussain (Mar 7, 2011)
United Arab Emirates

Gulf Air
I think too many people bypass Gulf Air too quikcly! The airlines have really improved under the new CEO Majali. New Aircraft, new campagins and I've noticed the prices have dropped significally lower than they were! Not only is it the oldest carrier in the Middle East but it also flies to more destinations within the region than any other airline company. GF has recently got my vote!

mary (Mar 7, 2011)

gulf air all the way
Gulf Air may be not the biggest but on service they are the best. The pedigree is important, that is why for gulf, GULF AIR< nothing else.

David Jaisingh (Mar 6, 2011)
United Arab Emirates

top 10
Emirates is the best airline

Devin (Feb 28, 2011)

Best Airline in the Middle East
Most of you are probably basing the answer on personal experiences with that acutal airline; wrong approach. You have to take in more than just the flight experience. If you look at all factors that make an airline "The Best Airline in the Middle East" most of you will be overwhelmed with information and numbers that you won't understand. After intensive research and numbers crunching QATAR AIRWAYS is the "The Best Airline in the Middle East".

Charles (Feb 24, 2011)

Best airline
Eimirates is, by far, the best airline I've ever flown with. I struggle to name a decent US airline.

Khalid (Feb 16, 2011) Saudi Arabia

Best Airline
Emirets is the Best ever Saudi Airlines is the worst

Prince (Feb 2, 2011)
United Arab Emirates


PRIYA (Jan 17, 2011)

My all time preference is Etihad, with the new First Class and Business Class, it is ultimate. Excellent meal, Cabin Service to be improved a bit. Also connectivity. Emirates is my second preference. Rest all last.

jithin (Dec 27, 2010)
United Arab Emirates

best airline in the middleeast
i think etihad airlines is the best even though they less destination and less filghts compared to emirates and Qatar..they top the list in terms of service quality and food and the behaviour of the crew members..Emirates crew members have attitude and they dont know how behave with the guest 1)etihad 2)qatar 3)emirates

Abed (Dec 16, 2010)
inspite of the fact that their fleet is a bit old comparing to the other Gulf carriers, Kuwait Airways on board services and passengers care is still one of the best in the middle east area.

Shakir (Dec 13, 2010)

best airline
I think SAUDI ARABIAN is the best air line in middle east region.

asif khan (Oct 25, 2010)
United Arab Emirates

Best Airline in the middle east
This doesn't seems to be moving in right direction, I can clearly see people from Lebanon nominating MEA as # 1 carrier, this is a biased view, except from some frequent flyers the nominations are not making any sense, sorry but this is the way I felt.

Fahad Ibrahim (Oct 5, 2010)
Saudi Arabia

Top 3 Middle East Airlines
My personal experience puts Qatar 1st then Emirates at 2nd and Etihad at distant 3rd. Saudi Airlines has improved over the last 12 months but still has long way to go before making it to the top three

(Sep 15, 2010)
United Arab Emirates

the best airlines
According to me, performance wise Emirates is the Best in the Middle East

George Summer (Sep 1, 2010)

Ansolutely Etihad, no way Emirates, Gulf or other carriers can go any close. I only fly with them, obvioulsy if you experience the latest service, newest aircraft, great food and smart connection, You cannot simply compare it with anyone else

S Dmello (Aug 23, 2010) United Arab Emirates

Best Airline in ME
I have been flying all over the world for the past 20 years and have seen Emirates blossom into a wonderful airline over time. It is the best.. Gulf air is improved a lot after they lost their ex-CEO to Etihad which is becoming like the old Gulf air BAD.. Ethihad lacks proper ettiquete, hospitality, and welfare of its passangers. Their food & seating have worsensed after Hogan has taken over. Qatar airways is fast catching up but I think thier pilots needs be better pilots... know what I mean. so there it is .. Emirates, Gulf air, Qatar, Ethiday.. in that order for me.

Raed (Aug 10, 2010)
Saudi Arabia

If you want to get around in the middle east, there is no airline better than Gulf Air. Providing the best network along with the best connections! the airline is drastically improving with brininging in new jets...

Jad (Aug 9, 2010)
MEA <3
MEA are the best in the middle east they have the best services and also their take offs and landings are just WOW the best airlines EVER !! the worst one is Jazeera airways.

Basheer Ahamed (Aug 1, 2010)
Saudi Arabia

Air Arabia is the Best Airlines in the Middle East
I have a good experience with Air Arabia who is the low cost carrier and they are always on time. On my last flight they have accepted my checked in baggage before 20 minutes to my connecting flight. Appreciate their service

Muhammad Iqbal Sabri (Jul 24, 2010)
United Arab Emirates

Top 10 Airlines In the Middle East
According to me, performance wise Emirates is the Best in the Middle East

Farid (Jul 15, 2010)

middle east airline have the best pilots specially, when you're a passenger in MEA, while landing you don't feel anything, but when you fly with another airline, you feel that you'll crash!!!! MEA number 1

Russell Steven Mendonca (Jun 26, 2010)
United Arab Emirates

Top Ten Airlines in ME
According to me, based on capacity and load factor Emirates would be 1st along with its service but talking only about service I feel Arab Airlines such as Qatar Airways Etihad, Emirates take pole position

Al-Hashim (Jun 7, 2010) Qatar

Number 1 airlines in Middlle East
Yes our airlines is number one of foul smell.

Tariq Malik (Jun 6, 2010)
Saudi Arabia

General Performance vs. Experience
I am a frequent traveler and tried almost every airline in the region. Being best or worst depends on the experience. I experienced an excellent service from worst expected airline (Syrian Air), and experienced the worst possible situation with the best Airline (Emirates). What we need to see is the overall performance and not individual incidents.

Priyankar (Jun 5, 2010)

Oman air
I think Oman airlines should be in 1 it is so classic beautiful

Mahmoud a itani (May 22, 2010)

Top ten airline in the middle east
Middle east airlines is the first. when You travel with MEA you know what mean Service and rest .

Bouran (May 17, 2010)
United Arab Emirates

Best Airline in the Middle East
Emirates for their PAX and Cargo services. Direct destinations and very efficient.

Nicolai Okkels (May 16, 2010)

Best 10 airlines of ME
In my experience ETIHAD takes the price. Good service, new planes, updated films etc.

G Gondal (May 13, 2010)
United Kingdom

Saudi Airlines
I find Saudia Arabia Airlines is the worst I have been on in my life! I have only used it once but will avoid using it again. The condition of the plane is very poor and the lavatories are even worse. Staff are very unhelpful and at times can very extremely rude to customers. I have never seen staff behave in such a way in any airline. I won't be using them again

Shahzad Khan (May 6, 2010)
Saudi Arabia

Cameo of service
Compile the top worst airlines and Saudi Arabian Airlines will topple the chart without any further effort. With the Biggest fleet and lowest value for money plus hardly any customer Service makes things worst for SV. Ground handling staff is much rude than the local jailers.

VENKATARAMAN (May 4, 2010)
United Arab Emirates

KUWAIT AIRWAYS is my preference as they have excellent onground and onboard services, without alcohol.

Abdulmoez Tahmaz (May 2, 2010)
Saudi Arabia

Top 10 Airlines in the Middle East
I think Saudi Airlines is the best Airline Company in the region because of quality of services which provide for its clients.


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